Musings on Muses
Friday, December 10, 2004
More thoughts at Chateau Flambeaux
from a conversation on desserts
Stitchwitch: "Apparently you prefer Absolute Divine Simplicity in your desserts"
Flambeaux: "Dogmatically so."

from a rant
Flambeaux: "Americans don't celebrate Christmas, they celebrate Holiday, a feast of gluttony and consumerism which begins with the gluttony of Halloween, continues with the gluttony of Thanksgiving, is capped by the festival of Chrismahanakwanzakuh, and finishes with the gluttony of New Years Eve. Everyone recovers by Martin Luther King Day, just in time to start gearing up for our national celebration of Lust clothed in gluttony, Valentine's day. Except for the people who celebrate in by going to see the Vagina Monlogues."

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